New Installations, Artists in Residence: Cuba

On October 3, 2004, the Mattress Factory will present New Installations, Artists in Residence: Cuba, featuring the work of ten artists from Cuba. The exhibition will include established artists, whose work has been exhibited in other countries as well as several young artists, who have not exhibited outside of Cuba. The show will run through Spring of 2005.

Though the museum was not able to secure visas for any of the artists to come work in residence at the museum, the experienced staff is working with them long–distance to realize their works of art. This exhibition will bring to Pittsburgh a taste of the vibrant and exciting art scene that exists in Cuba. The exhibition is supported in part by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Rockefeller Foundation, Norma Fund for Artistic Programming and Mattress Factory Members.

The Capote brothers are two young artists whose works are similar in their biting satire, yet they most often exhibit separately. Yoán has exhibited his work in the United States and Latin America. Iván recently graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte in Haavana and was included in the recent Havana Biennial with Yoán. Iván’s Biennial installation was a table-sized pan holding crude oil, while a mechanical arm moved across the oil revealing the text: “Life is text which we learn to read too late.” Yoán’s work consisted of four empty televisions facing each other on stands at eye level. Each television contained bars the size of jail cell bars illuminated by bluish lights from behind.